Why I Love Principle

Principle is one of my favorite UI animation tools. Not only is the learning curve to get started very small, but Principle is also immensely powerful when it comes to designing interactions. Its interface is not only similar to Sketch‘s interface (and thus already familiar), but it also integrates seamlessly with it as well, making the transition from static to interactive UI design very easy. Principle’s only down-fall, in my opinion, is that it only works for Mac computers. But Principle makes up for that inconvenience with their honest business model. Their 14-day free trial is actually a 14-day free trial (aka only the days you use the software are counted during your trial — the software doesn’t just disappear 2 weeks after you open it for the first time). The price point is also extremely reasonable, especially for what you get out of it. For a one-time payment of $129, you get free updates for a whole year after purchase, with unlimited use of the version of Principle you end on.

Anyway, I think you get the point — I’m a big fan of Principle. To show others just how easy it was to create animations and interaction design concepts, I started making tutorials.

Principle Tutorials

My Own Website

I bought the domain www.principletutorials.com and started compiling the tutorials. What I quickly realized, however, was that the videos of the tutorials, which I had uploaded to Youtube, were getting more views and more subscribers than my own website! Not to mention this interest was all organic with no need for marketing.


Organic Interest in my Mini-Tutorials

The number of people subscribing to my Youtube channel was increasing steadily until I was averaging one new subscriber every day. Then, I started getting special requests from people through comments on my channel. This helped ensure not only that the content was relevant, but it also helped me come up with more mini-tutorial ideas.

The amount of organic interest in the mini-tutorials I was positing and the consistent unique interaction design requests I was receiving made me realize that there was a niche out there for a well-thought-out and fully compiled Principle crash-course.


Principle Crash Course

I started investigating ways to monetize my eventual course. I looked into both Udemy and Skillshare, but my research told me that it was better to start with Skillshare since they help you market your content, and the courses are generally shorter, which means you can put less time and effort into creating a fully baked end-to-end course before really committing.

I published my first introductory course, called “Principle Crash Course,” on Skillshare in July of 2018.

Besides continuing to publish mini-tutorials on my Youtube channel, I plan to eventually compile a more advanced Principle course on Skillshare as well.