Inspiration from The New Yorker

After subscribing to and reading The New Yorker, two things happened:

  1. I wanted to submit my own writing and artwork to the magazine.
  2. I craved a Bay Area version of the magazine.

I decided I would go for both of them.

I kind-of-jokingly floated the idea of creating a limited edition, one-time version of “The San Franciscan” to friends, casually recruiting them to write pieces and contribute to the magazine.

Meanwhile, I submitted one cartoon and one humorous article, fit for the Shouts & Murmurs section, to The New Yorker for review. I decided that if the two pieces didn’t get accepted, I would use them for The San Franciscan, so it would be a win for me either way.

Logo & Cover Art

November Issue (2018)

I figured that in order for people to take me seriously (and get them to actually commit to contributing writing), I would have to do something to make this magazine feel real. The easiest way to gain buy-in and make this magazine feel real was through a single, branded cover image. So, I set to work on creating a logo that mimicked The New Yorker font and created an illustration that I felt represented current events in San Francisco at the time to show it off. The November cover seen above was created during the apocalyptic smoke incident from the Paradise Camp Fire.

Cover Art Challenge

A Representative Cover Every Month

Since I had convinced a few friends (and friends of friends) to write poems, pieces of fictions, profiles, and reviews by an arbitrary deadline, I started to work on cartoons and filler illustrations. Additionally, to practice different artistic styles, I decided I would challenge myself to create a representative cover each month over the course of the next year. The three covers above represent potential covers for December (2018), January (2019), and February (2019).

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for more about The San Franciscan! Email me if you want to sign up for our limited edition copy, which will be published in April/May, 2019 😉 We still have to do some monetary evaluations, but each issue will probably cost around $10. The amount of talented artists and writers contributing pieces to this first edition is insane and you won’t want to miss it!