Making Videos

One of my hobbies is making videos. I enjoy the full, end-to-end process involved with the work and have done everything from directing to editing.

The breadth of my projects also ranges quite a bit — both in terms of scale and content. I’ve done everything from super small scale side projects to larger scale corporate work.

I also frequently make internal videos at Capital One to share stories and progress about different projects we’re working on with the intent of building up hype for our projects and getting buy-in and momentum from our stakeholders and partners.

My favorite video-editing tool is Adobe Premiere.

Kunstwinder Luxury Watch Winders

Product Videos

I shot all the product photography and a large portion of the videography work for Kunstwinder, a luxury watch winder company based in the Bay Area. The photos and videos were all shot on a Nikon D5300.

The Road to Twain Harte

Small scale side project, filmed and edited on a mobile phone.

I was bored once on a long, 3-hour, car ride up to Twain Harte and decided to pass the time by making a video of the scenic drive. I started filming about an hour into the drive, after making a routine road-trip pit-stop at In-N-Out.

The driver featured in the video is my wonderful husband Fernando and all of the footage was filmed and edited on my iPhone in iMovie.